måndag 21 maj 2018


Idag var det gradering för mina grabbar på Kampsportenshus i Kristinehamn. Jesper fick blått med streck och Jonathan oranget.


Jesper han smita in och byta om. 

tisdag 8 maj 2018


Idag kom sommaren med värmen +25 och man konstaterar att gräset måste klippas och man måste börja vattna blommorna ute. 

måndag 5 februari 2018



As you probably notice, G-Paw's website has ceased to exist. I am a completely independent repairer of these and can only offer you simpler repairs.

You can still upload the GPX file from your G-Paws here to see where your animal has been.

The most common errors is that the battery is depleted. (Does not find the satellites)
If you need help replacing the battery, it costs 20 € + P & P (battery included)

Or the device is water damaged, which means that it is not worth repairing.

All other repairs are done with hourly wages. 20 € / h

Need help? Contact me at michael.jegefalk (a) gmail.com